Bubbl​.us: Brainstorming and Mind Mapping Tool


Instructional Strategy: Concept Formation, Concept Mapping, Compare/​Contrast
Blooms Levels: 1 – 4 (knowledge, comprehension, analysis, evaluation)

Bubbl​.us is a free web-​based tool that allows users to create, save and share mind maps. A mind map is a visual representation of ideas and concepts that includes central ideas surrounded by connected branches of associated topics.

Bubbl​.us aims to assist with the brainstorming process and encourages creative thinking. In addition, mind maps provide structure and organization to allow for better comprehension and recall.  

Mind Mapping Uses:

  • Organize ideas and concepts Develop new and expanded meanings as information is organized and manipulated
  • Communicate ideas and thought processes
  • Categorize learning by grouping content
  • Classify objects, events, or ideas for a deeper level of comprehension
  • Brainstorm and explore ideas, concepts or problems
  • Facilitate better understanding of relationships and connections between ideas and concepts
  • Develop and refine the ability to recall and discriminate among key ideas to see commonalities and identify relationships
  • Form personalized understanding of concepts and connections
  • Compare and sequence items of information
  •  See insight into students’ thought process

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April 21st, 2016

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  • I am a huge fan of mind-​mapping as a form of visual organization. I have curriculum maps of all the classes I’ve taught over the past decade or so. I have also introduced mapping to some of my visual design classes. I find Mindomo has the most robust features for my needs, although there is a yearly fee to use it.

    Since the students already have Google Drive accounts through the school, I found this list of apps that integrate with their drives. Students can use/​store their maps with the rest of the classwork


    Mindmup is a good, free app that works for simple maps. Students new to mapping have found this program to work quite well for their needs.