Creating Events

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  1. Select Calendar on the Course Home page.
    Screenshot of the location of the Calendar link
  2. Select Create Event.
    Screenshot highlighting the Create Event button
  3. Set up the calendar event:
    1. Select Add Content to connect the calendar event to a date restriction on a Content item.

      NOTE: If you do not want any restrictions associated with the calendar event, skip this step.

    2. Enter a Title.
    3. Select the Group or Section from the Attendees drop-​down menu, if necessary.
    4. Select a Date/​Time for the event.
    5. Select Add Recurrence to have this event repeat on a regular basis.

      NOTE: If you do not wish to set recurrences associated with the calendar event, skip this step.

    6. Enter a Location, if necessary.
    7. Select Create.

    General overview of the Calendar Event options

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