Email Settings


Setting Up Email Forwarding: From the Communication drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Email. In the upper right-​​hand corner of the screen, select Settings. Under Forwarding Options, select the checkbox next to ​“Forward incoming messages to an alternate email account”. Enter the forwarding email address and select a Forwarding Option from the three listed […]

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Composing Emails


From the Communication drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Email. Select Compose. This will open a new message window. In the To field, type the Name of the user(s) you wish to email.NOTE: Only the names of users within the course will appear. Users cannot email other users outside the course. Enter a Subject […]

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Emailing Non-​Submitters


From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Dropbox. Select the title of the Dropbox Folder that you wish to email students from. Select the tab- Email Users Without Submissions. Compose your email message. Select Send. Was this Helpful ? yes   no

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Emailing from the Classlist


Emailing All Users from the Classlist: On a Desktop or Laptop: From the Communication menu, select Classlist. On a Mobile Device: From the Mobile Menu, select Communication, then select Classlist. Select Email Classlist. Select Send Email. This will generate a blank email addressed to all users that can be completed and sent.NOTE: Instructors are able […]

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