Retrieving an Archived Rubric

From the Assessments menu, select Rubrics. Select Show Search Options. Search for archived rubrics using the archived search option. From the Rubric Statuses section, select the Archived Checkbox. NOTE: To view only archived rubrics, deselect the Draft and Published Checkboxes. Select the Magnifying Glass. From the Rubric List, locate the archived rubric. NOTE: Minimize the […]

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July 12th, 2017

Grading Dropbox Submissions Using Rubrics


Navigate to your course grade-​​book. Select the Enter Grades tab. Select the downward facing triangle for the appropriate Dropbox folder assignment. Select Enter Grades from the drop-​​down menu. Click the Submission icon to begin grading. Open the attached document(s) by selecting the link. Open the associated rubric by selecting the rubric title located in the […]

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Associating Rubrics


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to edit a rubric, you must remove any associations with a Dropbox, quiz, or discussion. Navigate to the quiz or Dropbox folder you wish to associate a rubric, or in the assessment area of a discussion topic. Select the downward facing triangle to display the drop-​​down menu, select the Edit option. Make […]

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Changing Rubric Status


From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Rubrics. Select the Downward-​​Facing Triangle next to the rubric you wish to edit to display the drop-​​down menu. Hover your mouse over the Set Status option, then select the appropriate Status from the menu. Was this Helpful ? yes   no

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Defining Rubric Levels


Rubric Levels: The levels of a rubric are the breakdown of the rubric rating scale. Instructors may keep the default language (Level 4-​​Level 1) or they may personalize the level rating scale. For example, rubric levels could be broken down into categories such as excellent, average, needs improvement. From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the […]

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Defining Rubric Criteria


Rubric Criteria and Criteria Descriptions: Rubric Criteria should include the specific assignment components or characteristics that student work should exhibit. While, criteria descriptions should describe specific quality levels for the criteria. For example, if a rubric included a criteria for ​“research paper citations”- thecriteria descriptions should include specific quality requirements for the research paper citations […]

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Creating Rubrics


From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Rubrics. Select New Rubric. Enter a Rubric Name. Select the Rubric Status. NOTE: While Instructors can set the status of a rubric during creation, it is recommended that the status of a rubric be set to draft until it is ready for use. From the […]

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