Grading Dropbox Submissions Using Rubrics


Navigate to your course grade-​​book. Select the Enter Grades tab. Select the downward facing triangle for the appropriate Dropbox folder assignment. Select Enter Grades from the drop-​​down menu. Click the Submission icon to begin grading. Open the attached document(s) by selecting the link. Open the associated rubric by selecting the rubric title located in the right-​​hand column, under the […]

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Associating Rubrics


IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to edit a rubric, you must remove any associations with a Dropbox, quiz, or discussion. Navigate to the quiz or Dropbox folder you wish to associate a rubric, or in the assessment area of a discussion topic. Select the downward facing triangle to display the drop-​​down menu, select the Edit option. Make sure you […]

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Changing Rubric Status


From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Rubrics. Select the Downward-​​Facing Triangle next to the rubric you wish to edit to display the drop-​​down menu. Hover your mouse over the Set Status option, then select the appropriate Status from the menu. Was this Helpful ? yes no

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Defining Rubric Levels


Rubric Levels: The levels of a rubric are the breakdown of the rubric rating scale. Instructors may keep the default language (Level 4-​​Level 1) or they may personalize the level rating scale. For example, rubric levels could be broken down into categories such as excellent, average, needs improvement. From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the […]

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April 20th, 2016

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Defining Rubric Criteria


Rubric Criteria and Criteria Descriptions: Rubric Criteria should include the specific assignment components or characteristics that student work should exhibit. While, criteria descriptions should describe specific quality levels for the criteria. For example, if a rubric included a criteria for ​“research paper citations”- thecriteria descriptions should include specific quality requirements for the research paper citations […]

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Creating Rubrics


From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Rubrics. Select New Rubric. Enter a Rubric Name. Select the Rubric Status. NOTE: While Instructors can set the status of a rubric during creation, it is recommended that the status of a rubric be set to draft until it is ready for use. From the Type […]

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