Come See Me- Wrapping Up Your D2L Course (Weeks Dec 5 & Dec 12)

Need help wrapping up your course in D2L for the Fall 2016 semester?

Come see us during the eLearning Instructional Designer Office Hours in your area during the week of December 5th to tie up any loose ends including:

  • Finalizing the D2L Gradebook
  • Releasing the final calculated/​adjusted grades
  • Associating course content with the correct gradebook items
  • Exporting course content
Instructional Designers are available during the Summer Semester in the eLearning Department. Help is available Monday – Friday, from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, in the eLearning offices in TLC 427, by phone, virtually, or via live chat from lcc​.edu/​e​L​e​a​rning.


Come visit the eLearning team in TLC 427 for assistance.
If you are unable to visit in person, please contact us by email
at lcc_​elearning@​lcc.​edu, or by phone at (517) 4831839.

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