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The following instructions are for copying individual items from a course. For instructions on copying an entire course, click here: Course Copy


Important Notes Regarding Duplication:

  • Copying components (i.e. quizzes, assignments, etc.) does not overwrite previous items in a course; instead, it adds to the items already in the course.
    • For Example, if a course contains 5 quizzes and a course with 3 quizzes is copied into it, the course will contain 8 quizzes.
  • If the same component or tool is copied multiple times it will create duplicates.
  • The only component that can be overwritten is a course file if the file being copied has the same name as the existing file.
  1. From the My Courses menu, select the Course you wish to copy content into.
  2. Select the Gear Icon.

    The Gear icon is located in the upper-right corner near the users name.
  3. Select Import/​Export/​Copy Components.

    Gear icon drop-down menu showing the Import/Export/Copy Components option
  4. Select the radio button to Copy Components from Another Org Unit.
    Radio button to Copy Components from Another Org Unit selected
  5. Select Search for Offering.
  6. Search for the course to copy content from by entering the course title or CRN number in the text field, then select the Magnifying Glass.
  7. Select the radio button for the course you wish to copy from, then select Add Selected.
    Radio button for the course to copy from selected, then select the Add Selected button
  8. Select Select Components to individually select components to copy.
    To select specific items within a course, select the Select Components button
  9. Scroll through the Components List and select the Checkbox next to the item(s) you wish
    to copy.

    NOTE: The default for each category is set to Copy all items (ie. all quizzes, all content). If you wish to select individual items, see below. If you select Content you must select the checkbox to Include associated files. If you do not, the Content component will not copy correctly.
    Checkbox or radio button selected for all items to be copied into a course.
  10. TO SELECT A SPECIFIC ITEM (ie. Final Exam, Week 1 Discussion, Assignment Folder A): Select the radio button to Select individual items to copy.
    Drill down to a single item by selecting the Select individual items to copy option
  11. Select Continue.
  12. Use the Expand (+) & Collapse (-) features to drill down to the specific item(s) to copy. Select the Checkbox for the item(s) you wish
    to copy.
    Menus can be collapsed and expanded by selecting the plus or minus signs.
  13. Select Continue.
  14. Select Finish.
  15. Wait for the copy process to complete.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not leave the copy screen until the Copy Completed confirmation appears.
    Items have successfully copied when the green checkmark appears.
  16. Select View Content to go to Content.

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