Course Import

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  1. From the My Courses menu, select the Course you wish to import content into.
  2. Select the Gear Icon.
    Gear icon located in the upper right corner next to the user's name.
  3. Select Import/​Export/​Copy Components.
    Gear icon menu options showing location of the Import/Export/Copy Components option.
  4. Select the radio button to Import Components.
  5. Select a component source: From Learning Object Repository or From a Course Package.
    Radio button for Import Components selected.
  6. Select Start.
    1. If From Learning Object Repository was selected:
      1. Use the Search For text field to locate the item you wish to add to the course.
      2. Select the radio button for the item. Then, select Next.
      3. Select an Retrieve Object option from the list:
        Radio button for one option under Retrieve Object should be selected.
      4. Select Next.
      5. From the Parent Module drop-​down menu, select the module where the item should appear.
        Select the parent module from the drop-down menu for where the object should appear.
      6. Select Copy.

        NOTE: This process can take some time depending on the size of the file.

    2. If From a Course Package was selected:
      1. Select Upload.
        Select the Upload button.
      2. Locate the file you wish to import and select Open.

        NOTE: Only .zip files or another archive format can be imported using the Course Package feature

      3. Select Import All Components.
        Import All Components is selected if all components of the package is to be imported.
      4. The import process will begin. This process can take some time depending on the size of the file.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT navigate away from the screen while the import is in process.

  7. Select View Content when the import process has completed.

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