Create a New Badge

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1. Within your course, do one of the following:

  • From the Awards widget on course home page, click My Awards.



  •  From the Manage Course menu, Select Edit Course. Then, within the Assessment section, select Awards.


Important Note: If you do not add the Awards link to the course navbar or the widget to the course home page, students will not be able to access their badges. Click here for instructions on how to add student access the home page.


2. Select Course Awards.


3. Select Add Award to Course.


4. Select Create Award.


5. Enter a Name and Description.

6. Select the Availability to indicate the shareability for the badge.


7. Select the Expiry option.


8. In the Choose Award Image section, select:

  • From Existing Library to select a badge from the Award Icon Library.
  • Upload New Icon to add a new icon to the image library.
  • Create your own award image to launch the Badge Designer website. Badge Designer is a free website that allows you to create custom icons.

Choose Award Image

9. Verify that the Issuer Information is correct.

Note: It is recommended to leave the default information provided in the Issuer Information section.


10. Click Use this award if you wish to use the award in the current course.


11. Click Save.

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