D2L docReader by ReadSpeaker

Instructors, did you know that D2L has a built-​in text-​to-​speech feature for students?

DocReader, powered by ReadSpeaker, is a web-​based tool integrated in D2L that transforms documents (in the supported formats) into a text-​to-​speech format that provides students the ability to listen to the text of course documents as it is read aloud. In addition, docReader provides synchronized highlighting of the text being read so that listeners can follow along.

ReadSpeaker docReader can be accessed within any D2L course. This is a great tool to show students, as many can benefit from consuming course content in multiple ways. Having the option to listen to content spoken aloud can be extremely useful for students with reading disabilities, are new to a language, or simply learn better by listening.

ReaderSpeaker docReader Highlights:

  • Listen to the text of documents, while following along and customizing the speed of the playback
  • Download the content as an MP3 for playback offline
  • Highlight and playback a subset of the content
  • Supports multiple document formats including Microsoft Office, PDF, and more


To Launch DocReader

Enter any D2L course and select a document shared in Content. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Open with docReader’ button.

The document will open in docReader. A toolbar at the top of the page allows you to browse, read, or listen to the document. Simply click the Listen’ button to begin the automated reading. The docReader will move through the document section by section. The text being read will be highlighted to allow the reader to follow along.

For additional information on ReadSpeaker docReader, including supported document formats, visit the About ReadSpeaker docReader webiste at:


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January 18th, 2017

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