Changing Discussion View Style


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Instructors and students can change the way messages are displayed in discussion forums and topics by choosing to display messages in either a Grid or Reading Style (default style). Each style presents posts and replies in a distinctly different fashion without affecting the content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you access a discussion through the content area, the discussion will display in Reading View only through the Content Viewer. If you wish to use the Grid View, you must access the discussions through the Assessments or Communication drop-​down menu on the Navigation Bar.


  1. Select Discussions from the Assessments or Communication drop-​down menu on the Navigation Bar.
  2. Select Settings in the upper right corner of the Discussions screen.
  3. Select the Radio Button next to Grid View or Reading View. 
    • Grid Style — Presents a list of posts and replies in the topic that can be selected and individually displayed in the pane below.
    • Reading Style — Presents each post and reply as a stream of messages, allowing for continuous reading of posts.
  4. Select Save.

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