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Setting Up Email Forwarding

  1. On a Desktop or Laptop: From the Communication menu, select Email.
    On a Mobile Device: From the Mobile Menu, select Communication, then select Email.
    Email option selected from the Communication Menu via a Desktop or Mobile Device
  2. Select Settings.

    NOTE: If you have trouble accessing Settings on a mobile device, check that your browser settings allow popups.

    Email Settings options selected in upper right corner
  3. Scroll through the Email, Display, and Forwarding options to select the options you wish to use.
    • To forward incoming messages to an alternate account, under the Forwarding Options section select the checkbox to Forward incoming messages to an alternate email account.
    • Select a Forwarding Option from the three listed options.
      Select any desired forwarding options
  4. Select Save.

Enabling Email Tracking

NOTE: If a user has their D2L email set to forward to another email account and have set D2L email to be marked read automatically, email tracking will only display the date the message was forwarded.

  1. From the Communication menu, select Email.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Email Settings, select the checkbox for Track activity for messages sent to internal email addresses.Select desired email settings
  4. Select Save.

    NOTE: To view the date and time an email was read, select the email in the Sent Folder.

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