Entering a Meeting

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Prior to entering a meeting, please be aware of the following tips from YouSeeU:

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and mobile devices do not support all YouSeeU features.
  • Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent voice echo.
  • Before sharing your desktop, test the Java installation so that your computer is ready when the meeting starts. https://​www​.java​.com/​v​e​rify/
  • It is recommended to use Firefox if the screen will be shared. The Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers cannot be used to share screens because of incompatibilities with Java.

To Enter a Scheduled Meeting

  1. Enter a D2L Course.
  2. Select Content from the Course Navigation Bar.
  3. Enter the Virtual Classroom launch module and select the Virtual Classroom Launch link.
  4. Under the Scheduled Meetings section, select the Open Meeting icon.

    NOTE: If there is an external link to a meeting, skip Steps 1 – 4 and use the link directly.
  5. Select Enter Meeting Room.

Come visit the eLearning team in TLC 427 for assistance.
If you are unable to visit in person, please contact us by email
at lcc_​elearning@​lcc.​edu, or by phone at (517) 4831839.

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