Importing Grades — Uploading the File


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NOTE: Only Numeric, Pass/​​Fail, Selectbox, Text grade items, and the Final Adjusted Grade can be imported. The Final Calculated Grade will automatically be updated based on the imported grade data.


  1. From the Navigation Bar, select Grades.
    Course Nav Bar with Grades selected
  2. Select Enter Grades.
    Grades edit options with Enter Grades selected
  3. Select Import.
    Import selected
  4. Select Choose File (Safari and Chrome) or Browse (Firefox and IE).
  5. Navigate to the .CSV or .TXT File to be uploaded.

    NOTE: Only .CSV and .TXT file types are accepted.

  6. Select Open (PC) or Choose (Mac).
  7. Select the Checkbox next to Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced”.
  8. Select Continue. Checkbox next to "Create new grade item when an unrecognized item is referenced" selected
  9. Review the New Grade Items to be created.
  10. Select the type of grade item to create (Numeric, Pass/​​Fail, Selectbox, or Text).

    NOTE: If you have columns in your gradebook import file that you do not want created in this step, uncheck the box for that item in the Create New Grade Item column.

  11. Select Continue. Type of grade item to create (Numeric, Pass/​Fail, Selectbox, or Text) selected from menu
  12. For each new grade item, select a Grades Category, enter the Maximum Points and select if the item Can Exceed the maximum points and if it is a Bonus (extra credit) grade item.

    NOTE: If you have created grade categories, select the category for each new grade item in this step.

  13. Select Continue.
    Continue selected
  14. Make Note of any Errors that are reported. If errors are detected, you may need to:
  15. Cancel the import process and edit the import file.
  16. Correct any errors in the gradebook in D2L after the import process is completed.
  17. Select Go Back to return to the previous step and edit the individual grade item information.
  18. If no errors occurred, select Continue.
    No errors found, Continue selected
  19. Review the Gradebook Data to be imported.
  20. Select Import. Import Data to be reviewed
  21. You will automatically be taken to the Enter Grades screen in the D2L Grades area.

    NOTE: For instructions on manually entering/​​modifying grades for existing grade items, please visit  Entering Grades.

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