Weighted Grade Items


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IMPORTANT NOTE: The weight of all items within a category must total 100%.

  1. From the Navigation Bar, select Grades.
    Course Nav Bar with Grades selected
  2. Select Manage Grades.
    Grades edit options with Manage Grades selected
  3. Select New, then select Item.
    New drop-down menu with Item selected
  4. Select the Grade Item Type you wish to use.

    NOTE: The most commonly used grade item type is Numeric.

    Numeric selected.
  5. Enter a Name for the grade item.
    Grade item names should match the assessment item it will be associated with to aid in locating and viewing specific grades in a course.

  6. Select a Category to associate the grade item with.
  7. Enter the number of Maximum Points for the grade item.

    NOTE: Depending on the options selected during category set up, associated with the item,this may or may not affect the items weight in the category.

  8. Enter the Weight (%) that the grade item will contribute to the category. (For example, if the grade item is worth 10% of the category weight, enter 10.)

    NOTE: If Distribute points evenly across all items” or Distribute weight by points across all items in the category” was selected during Category set up, this option will be grayed out.

    Item details entered
  9. Select Save & Close.

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