Grading Dropbox Submissions Using Rubrics


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  1. Navigate to your course grade-​book.
  2. Select the Enter Grades tab.
  3. Select the downward facing triangle for the appropriate Dropbox folder assignment.
  4. Select Enter Grades from the drop-​down menu.
  5. Click the Submission icon to begin grading.
  6. Open the attached document(s) by selecting the link.
  7. Open the associated rubric by selecting the rubric title located in the right-​hand column, under the Evaluation section.
  8. Select the appropriate Radio Button for the level of achievement earned for each criteria.

    NOTE: Once all of the appropriate levels of achievement have been selected, the overall score will be tallied in the bottom row of the rubric.

  9. Select Save and Record. The rubric score will now appear in the dropbox score field in the grade-​book.


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