Creating Groups


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To learn more about creating groups in D2L, view the following instructional video: Groups Instructional Videos


  1. From the Communications drop-​down menu, select Groups.
  2. Select the New Category button.
  3. Enter the Category Name.
  4. Choose an Enrollment Type from the drop-​down menu.
  5. Enter the Number of Groups or Users depending on the enrollment type you chose in Step 4.

    Advanced Properties:
  6. If necessary, select the Checkbox to Auto-​enroll new users”.
  7. If necessary, select the Checkbox to Randomize users in groups”.

    Additional Options:
  8. Select the appropriate Checkbox for the Create Workspace option (discussion areas and/​or dropbox folders). This will open up the creation screen for each selected option after the group has been created.
  9. Select Save.

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