Adding Widgets to Homepages


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NOTE: In order to add a widget to a homepage you must first create a custom homepage. Click here for instructions on Creating Custom Homepages.


  1. From the Manage Course menu, select Course Admin.
    Select Course Admin
  2. Select Homepages.
    Select Homepages from the options.
  3. Select the Title of the custom homepage.
  4. Select Add Widgets in the section you wish to place the widget.
    Select the Add Widgets button where you wish it to be added.
  5. Select the Checkbox for the widget(s) you wish to add.
  6. Select Add.
    Select Add.
  7. Using the handles, move the widget up or down to the desired location.
    Using the handles, drag the widget up or down to the desired location
  8. Select Save and Close.

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