Using Replacement Strings with Intelligent Agents


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About Replacement String

Replacement Strings are used in intelligent agents to automatically enter a users name or information into the address field and body of an email that is generated by an intelligent agent.

To utilize a replacement string just Copy and Paste the replacement string text, Including the Brackets, where you would normally enter a users D2L email address or name in the body of the message for that agent.


Available Replacement Strings:

Usable in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields:

  • {Initiating User} — The user who performs the actions necessary to satisfy the agent’s criteria.

Usable in the Subject or Body of an email:

  • {OrgName} — Enters Lansing Community College.”
  • {OrgUnitName} — Enters the name of the course.
  • {OrgUnitStartDate} — Enters the date the course begins.
  • {OrgUnitEndDate} — Enters the date the course ends.
  • {InitiatingUserFirstName} — Enters the user who performed the action’s first name.
  • {InitiatingUserLastName} — Enters the user who performed the action’s last name.
  • {InitiatingUserUserName} — Enters the Username (Example: smithj1) of the user who performed the action.
  • {InitiatingUserOrgDefinedId} — Enters the Banner Number of the user who performed the action.

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