Resize a Video for the News Feed in D2L

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When inserting a video file in D2L, via Insert Stuff, the video will be inserted at the default size. The default video frame width is larger than the News column width in D2L. However, students can open News by Selecting the News title link to view the video. Once at this page, the whole video frame will be visible.

If the sizing of the video in the News column is bothersome, instructors have a couple options to remedy this:

Option 1: Alter the Default Video Size to a Smaller Size

  1. Login to D2L
  2. Select My Media from the D2L Home Page located in the upper right-​hand corner of your screen.
  3. Locate the video for which you wish to alter the video frame size.
  4. Select the video thumbnail and/​or video title to open the video.
  5. Select Share, located below the video.
  6. Under the Player Size option, select the smallest size- 304x231.

  7. Use the keyboard command CTRL- C to copy the embed code.
  8. Return to D2L and enter the course where you wish to insert the video.
  9. Create a new News item and add a title.
  10. Select Insert Stuff from the HTML editor tool bar.
  11. Select Enter Embed Code from the menu on the left-​hand side of the screen. Use the keyboard command CTRL- V to paste the embed code in the textbox.
  12. Select Next.
  13. If you receive a We blocked this for you” message, Select Allow
    to verify
    the content is from a trusted source. Then, Select Insert.
  14. Select Publish to complete the process.
    The Kaltura video will now fit nicely into the News column.

Option 2: Alter the course home page layout

Default Course Layout: 3 Column Layout:

Change to: 2 Column Basic Layout:

Log into D2L and enter the course you wish to change the homepage layout.

  1. On the navigation bar, select Manage Course.
  2. Select Edit Course.
  3. Under the Site Setup section, select Homepages.
  4. Select the dropdown menu  next to the name of the active homepage.
  5. Select Copy.
  6. Select the  title  of the copied homepage and edit the title, as needed.
  7. Under the Layout section, select Change Layout.
  8. From the Change Layout menu, select the Basic layout option. This will change your course homepage to a two column layout.
  9. Select Update.
  10. Select Save and Close.
  11. To activate new homepage, select the title of the newly copied homepage from the dropdown menu, and select Apply.

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