Create a Webcam Recording Using Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder

Kaltura My Media D2L Add New.png

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  1. Select the My Media link in D2L, located in the upper right-​hand corner.
  2. In the upper right-​hand corner of the My Media home page, select Add New to display the drop-​down menu.
    Kaltura My Media D2L Add New.png
  3. Select Create Media from the drop-​down menu.

    NOTE: Each time you launch the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder, you will return to the same download screen; you DO NOT need to re-​download or reinstall the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder. The Desktop Recorder will launch after a few seconds.
    Kaltura My Media D2L Create Media 12.17.png
  4. Select Webcam within the Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.
    Kaltura Webcam.png
    NOTE: Selecting Webcam will initialize your camera and begin a 5 second countdown before recording begins.
  5. Once recording begins, you may pause, resume, end or cancel the recording via the controls at the bottom of the window.
  6. Select Done when your recording is done.
  7. A preview window will load and play back your recording.

    NOTE: Segments of the recording can be removed via the Trim and Chop tools as desired. Trimming and Chopping is only possible if the resulting video is longer than 10 seconds.

    • Trim will remove video outside of the blue selection sliders.
    • Chop will remove video within the blue selection sliders.
  8. Select Done located in the bottom, right-​hand corner of the screen when you are finished previewing/​editing the recording.
    Kaltura Done Editing.png
  9. Review or modify the Title field.Optional: Enter a description and/​or tags.

    Kaltura Recording Title.png
  10. Select Upload to upload the recording to your Kaltura My Media gallery.Note: Recordings must be uploaded into the Kaltura My Media gallery. If you select save, instead of upload, your recording will be saved in the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder until you select the upload option.

    Kaltura Upload.png
  11. In your web browser, select the back button to return to My Media.NOTE: The recording will not appear in My Media until it has been processed by the Kaltura server. The amount of time required for the the file to appear in My Media will depend on its size.

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