Creating a Video Quiz

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  1. Select From the D2L My Home page, select My Media.
    Select My Media from the D2L My Home page.

  2. From the My Media gallery, locate the video you wish to create a quiz for.
  3. Select the video thumbnail to open the video.
  4. From the Actions menu, select Launch Editor.
    Launch Editor from the Action menu
  5. Select the Video Quiz icon.
    Note: This will open the Video Quiz Editor.
    Select the Quiz Icon to open the Quiz Editor
  6. Select Start.
    Press Start to begin creating the video quiz.

  7. Enter the Quiz Details, Scores, and Experience preferences.
    Select Details, Score, or Experience to edit the quiz settings.
  8. To Add a Question:
    • Start playing the video.
    • Pause the video exactly where you want to add a question.
    • Select one of the three Question Types
      • Multiple Choice
      • True/False
      • Reflection Point

    Note: Reflection Point is a no response question type, it is intended to provide a pause for reflection.

    Choose your question type.

  9. Enter the question and answer choices in the appropriate text fields.
    NOTE: Select the plus-sign to add additional answer choices. Shuffle the answer choices by clicking and dragging the text field up or down.
  10. Select Save to add the question to the quiz.
    Adding a question to a video quiz
  11. A blue icon will appear on the Media Timeline for each question.
    Blue Icons appear on the Media Timeline where questions have been added.
  12. Review the questions by hovering the mouse over the blue icons. A pop-up window will display the question as well as the time it appears in the video.
  13. To preview the video quiz, select Preview Quiz.
    Select the Preview icon to view the video quiz.
  14. Select Done.
  15. The video quiz is now complete and can be accessed in the Kaltura My Media gallery.