Ordering Machine Captions

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The accuracy of machine captions is dependent on the quality of the recording and the speaker’s voice. Typically, the accuracy of machine captions will be about 7080%; therefore, the captions must be reviewed and manually edited to 100% accuracy to meet ADA Standards. For more information on ADA Standards, click here.

  1. From the D2L My Home page, select My Media.Select My Media from the D2L Home page
  2. Locate the video for which you wish to request captions.
  3. Select the Video Thumbnail and/​or Video Title to open the video.
  4. Select the Actions menu, and select Order Captions.
    Ordering Captions in Kaltura My Media
  5. Under Source Media Language, verify the language is correct.
  6. Select Order Captions.
    NOTE: The captions will generate within approximately 2030 minutes.
  7. A confirmation pop-​up will appear.
  8. From the Actions menu, check the status of the captions request by selecting Caption Requests.
    Reviewing Captions Requests
  9. View the Status of the captions request.
    NOTE: The status will progress as follows: PENDING > IN PROCESS > CUSTOMER REVIEW.

  10. When the Status shows CUSTOMER REVIEW, the captions are ready to be reviewed and edited.
  11. Select Review and Approve.
    NOTE: This will launch the Captions Editor. For step-​by-​step instructions for using the Captions Editor to edit captions, click here.

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