Publishing Quizzes to the LOR


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  1. From the Assessments menu on the Navigation bar, select Quizzes.
  2. Locate the Quiz that you wish to publish to the LOR.
  3. Select the Downward Facing Triangle next to the name of the quiz you wish to add to the LOR.
  4. Select Publish to LOR.
  5. Select the Department LOR from the drop-​down menu.

    NOTE: The only LORs that will be listed are the department LOR related to the course.

  6. Select Sharing and Publishing Options.
  7. If you wish the file to remain private, select the Checkbox next to Hide learning object in search results”.
  8. Select Next.
  9. Select Publish to LOR.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: After you have published the quiz to the LOR, you will need to delete the quiz from the quizzes area. You will then need to re-​link the quiz from the LOR to the course.

  10. Select Done.

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