Creating Custom Themes


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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to use a custom theme, you will need to create a custom navbar of a matching style to link the theme to.

  1. From the Manage Course drop-​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Edit Course.
  2. Under the Site Setup section, select Navigation & Themes.
  3. Select the Themes button at the top of the page.
  4. Select the Downward-​Facing Triangle next to the default theme.
  5. Select Copy. This will ensure the theme can be used with the copied course default navbar.
  6. Select the Title of the new theme just created.
  7. Edit the Title so it is distinctive.
  8. Select the Page Background section.
  9. Select the X next to the image title to remove the image.
  10. Upload a new image or select Page Colors to change the background image/​color of the theme.
  11. Select Hide Properties to return to the section selection screen.
  12. Make any other changes you wish to each section.
  13. Review your changes in the Theme Preview.
  14. Select Save and Close.

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