Tips for Using Custom Themes


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  1. Each area that can be edited is surrounded by a dotted line.
    • These sections visually stack on top of one another.
    • For example, any color/​image placed in Middle Background” will show over the top of any color/​image placed in Inner Navbar Background”.
  2. Whenever you select a section to edit, it will open a properties window for you to complete the edits.
  3. The properties available to edit will change, depending on which section you are in. Some of these properties include:
    • Background color/​image for the section
    • Text color for the section
    • Image repeat and location options for the section
    • Margins and borders for the section


  4. Limit the size of any image placed in the Navbar sections.
    • Overly large images can cause the area available for the rest of your homepage to minimize resulting in difficulty in view-​ability, especially on smaller screens.
    • The recommended size for images on the Navbar is 1000 pixels wide by 75 pixels tall.
  5. When selecting colors, keep in mind ADA compliance standards.

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