Creating Quiz Questions


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  1. From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes.
    Screenshot of the Assessments Menu, indicating Quizzes
  2. Select the Title of the quiz.
  3. Under the Quiz Questions section, select Add/​Edit Questions.
    Screenshot of the Quiz Questions section, indicating Add/Edit Questions
  4. From the New menu, select the Question Type.

    BEST PRACTICE: Using a variety of question types (such as matching, written response, and fill-​in-​the-​blank) within a quiz allows users to display their knowledge of the content in multiple ways.

    Screenshot of the New Menu
  5. Enter the total number of Points the question is worth.
  6. Enter the Question Text.
  7. Enter the Value (Answer Text) for each question response.
  8. Enter the Weight (%) each answer option is worth.

    NOTE: Questions with only one correct answer will have a weight of 100% for the correct answer or 0% for each incorrect answer.

    Screenshot of the New Question form, showing an example question being created
  9. Select Save.

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