Defining Rubric Levels


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Rubric Levels: The levels of a rubric are the breakdown of the rubric rating scale. Instructors may keep the default language (Level 4-​Level 1) or they may personalize the level rating scale. For example, rubric levels could be broken down into categories such as excellent, average, needs improvement.

  1. From the Assessments drop-​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Rubrics.
  2. Select the Title of the rubric.
  3. Select the Levels and Criteria tab.
  4. Select the Downward-​Facing Triangle next to the level you wish to edit to display the drop-​down menu.
  5. Select Edit Level from the drop-​down menu.
  6. Enter a Level Name.
  7. Enter a Score (points) for the level. For custom points rubrics, you may enter a different score (points) for each criterion.
  8. Enter any Feedback/​Text for each Criterion if you did not do so when creating the criterion.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Repeat Steps 4 – 9 for additional levels.

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