Retrieving an Archived Rubric

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  1. From the Assessments menu, select Rubrics.
    Screenshot of Assessments dropdown menu, indicating Rubrics item selected
  2. Select Show Search Options.
    Screenshot of Search, indicating Show Search Options link
  3. Search for archived rubrics using the archived search option.

A. From the Rubric Statuses section, select the Archived Checkbox.

NOTE: To view only archived rubrics, deselect the Draft and Published Checkboxes.

B. Select the Magnifying Glass.
Screenshot highlighting the Magnifying Glass and Archived checkbox

4. From the Rubric List, locate the archived rubric.

NOTE: Minimize the search options by selecting Hide Search Options.

Screenshot of results, indicating area to hover to activate dropdown menu

5. Select the drop-​down menu for the archived rubric, hover your mouse over Set Status, then select Draft or Published.

  • Draft will not allow the rubric to be associated with an assessment item.
  • Published will allow the rubric to be associated with an assessment item.

Screenshot of Status dropdown menu, highlighting Set Status and Published

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