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The Chat tool is a real-time, text-based col­lab­o­ra­tion tool. Your instructor(s) may use Chat for live class dis­cus­sions or to hold office hours..

There are two types of chats:

  • Per­son­al chats:  Per­son­al chats are pri­vate and vis­i­ble only to users who you have added to the chat’s par­tic­i­pants list. Per­son­al chats are ide­al for keep­ing in touch with friends and col­leagues or for clubs and oth­er groups whose mem­bers are not in the same course.
  • Gen­er­al (course) chats:  Gen­er­al chats are pub­lic chats vis­i­ble to every­one enrolled in the course where they are cre­at­ed. Your instruc­tors may cre­ate gen­er­al chat rooms to incor­po­rate chat dis­cus­sions into the teach­ing of a course since they are auto­mat­i­cal­ly open to all users enrolled in the course.

Come vis­it the eLearn­ing team in TLC 427 for assis­tance.
If you are unable to vis­it in per­son, please con­tact us by email
at, or by phone at (517) 483‑1839.

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