Creating Surveys


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NOTE: Surveys also have a unique question type, Likert Scales, which are available to gauge attitudes and opinions on topics.

  1. From the Assessments drop-​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Surveys.
  2. Select New Survey.
  3. Enter a Name for your survey.
  4. Under the Feedback section, select the Checkbox for give instant feedback” to allow users to receive feedback immediately after answering a question.
  5. Under the Anonymous section, select the Checkbox for make results anonymous” if you want the results to be anonymous.

    NOTE: Once anonymous answers are given, Instructors will not be able to deselect this option to make the answers not anonymous.

  6. Select Add/​Edit Questions to add questions to the survey.

    NOTE: This is the same process as creating and adding questions to a quiz. Instructions for creating a question are available at: Creating Quiz Questions

  7. Select Save and Close.

    NOTE: Surveys will automatically be marked as inactive. Instructors must activate the survey from the Restrictions tab in order to use it.

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