Using Likert Scale Questions in Surveys

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  1. From the Assessment menu, select Surveys.
    Screenshot of Assessments dropdown menu, indicating Surveys item selected
  2. Create a New Survey or select the Title of an Existing Survey.
  3. Select Add/Edit Questions.
    Screenshot indicating Add/Edit Questions button
  4. Select New, then select Likert Question.
    Screenshot indicating New button and Likert Question (L.I.K.) item highlighted
  5. (OPTIONAL) Enter a Title.
  6. Enter instructions into the Introductory Text box.
  7. Select the Radio Button for the preferred scale.
    Screenshot of the Scale options available
  8. Select Include an N/A Option to allow respondents to answer ‘N/A’ (not applicable) for the question.
  9. In the Value text box(es), enter the Item(s) to be rated.

    • There must be at least one item to be rated.
    • Additional boxes can be added by selecting + Add Option. Excess boxes can be deleted by selecting the trash can icon in the Remove column.

      Screenshot indicating the Add Option section
  10. Enter Feedback to be displayed to the user.
  11. Select Save.