Question Branching in Surveys

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Branching is an optional feature that allows you to direct the order of the questions depending on the respondent’s answers. Branching is only available for True/False and Multiple Choice questions.

  1. From the Assessments menu, select Surveys. Screenshot of Assessments dropdown menu, indicating Surveys item selected.
  2. Select New Survey. Screenshot indicating New Survey button
  3. Enter a Name for the survey.
  4. Select Add/Edit Questions, then create the survey questions.


    • This is the same process as creating quiz questions. For instructions on creating quiz questions, view Creating Quiz Questions.
    • Add all survey questions before branching. Once branching has been added, survey questions cannot be edited, and additional questions cannot be added. To edit or add questions, all branching settings must be removed via the Branching Wizard.
    • The Branching Wizard will appear after one or more questions has been created.

      Screenshot indicating Add/Edit Questions button
  5. Select Branching Wizard. Screenshot indicating Branching Wizard button
  6. On the Confirmation pop-up, select Yes. Screenshot of Confirmation pop-up, indicating Yes button
  7. Set the branching using the Next and Ends Survey? columns.

    NOTE: Branching is only available for True/False and Multiple Choice questions. You have the option to skip questions or end the survey based on the answer to a True/False or Multiple Choice question.

    Screenshot indicating Next and Ends Survey columns
  8. Select Save.
  9. Select Save and Close.