The News tool allows instructors to create news items to help communicate course updates, changes, and additional information to students quickly and effectively. Since My Home or Course Home is the first page students often see when they log in or access their courses, the News widget is a good area for displaying important information. […]

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Email Settings


Setting Up Email Forwarding: From the Communication drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Email. In the upper right-​​hand corner of the screen, select Settings. Under Forwarding Options, select the checkbox next to ​“Forward incoming messages to an alternate email account”. Enter the forwarding email address and select a Forwarding Option from the three listed options. Select […]

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Composing Emails


From the Communication drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Email. Select Compose. This will open a new message window. In the To field, type the Name of the user(s) you wish to email.NOTE: Only the names of users within the course will appear. Users cannot email other users outside the course. Enter a Subject for your email. […]

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Emailing Non-​Submitters


From the Assessments drop-​​down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Dropbox. Select the title of the Dropbox Folder that you wish to email students from. Select the tab- Email Users Without Submissions. Compose your email message. Select Send. Was this Helpful ? yes no

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Restoring Deleted Discussions

To learn more about restoring discussions in D2L, view the following instructional video: Discussions (Instructional Videos) Select Discussions from the Assessments or Communication drop-​​down menu on the navigation bar. Select Restore from the More Actions drop-​​down menu. Select Restore next to the forum and/​​or topic you wish to restore. Select Yes to confirm your choice. NOTE: If you are restoring […]

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