Defining Rubric Criteria


Rubric Criteria are the assignment components or characteristics that student work should exhibit in the final product or performance (i.e. Overall Content, Organization, Writing Mechanics, Writing Organization, Presentation, etc.). Every graded component should be included/represented in the rubric criteria. Criteria Descriptions are the specific descriptions for each rubric criterion, at each level of accomplishment. Descriptions […]

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Creating Rubrics


From the Assessments drop-down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Rubrics. Select New Rubric. Enter a Rubric Name. Select the Rubric Status. NOTE: While Instructors can set the status of a rubric during creation, it is recommended that the status of a rubric be set to draft until it is ready for use. From the […]

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Manually Grading Quizzes


Manually Grading Quizzes by User From the Assessments menu, select Quizzes. Select the drop-down menu for the quiz to be graded, then select Grade. Locate the student and select the Attempt to be graded. Enter the Score (Points) for each question. Use the Attempt Feedback text box to add written feedback for each question.NOTE: You […]

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Rubrics are used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. They help ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently. There are two types of rubrics: Holistic Rubrics: Single criteria rubrics (one-​dimensional) used to assess participants’ overall achievement on an activity or item based on predefined achievement […]

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The gradebook tool allows instructors to customize the set up of the course gradebook to best reflect their approach to evaluation, including the grading system and grade scheme. Instructors select how grades display to students, how they update grade items, and how ungraded items will be handled. All graded assignments and course components should be […]

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Dropboxes – Bulk Uploading Dropbox Feedback

To learn more about bulk uploading feedback to dropbox folders in D2L, view the following instructional video: Dropbox Instructional Videos From the Assessments drop-down menu on the Navigation Bar, select Dropbox. Download the user submissions you wish to provide feedback for.NOTE: For instructions on downloading files, please visit: Unzip the .zip file containing the downloaded dropbox […]

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Grading Discussions

To learn more about assessing Discussions in D2L, view the following instructional videos: Discussions (Instructional Videos) BEST PRACTICE: To prohibit students from posting to a Forum or Topic after a deadline has passed, it is recommended to lock the Forum or Topic instead of hiding it as this will allow students to view existing posts […]

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