Using Replacement Strings with Intelligent Agents


About Replacement String Replacement Strings are used in intelligent agents to automatically enter a users name or information into the address field and body of an email that is generated by an intelligent agent. To utilize a replacement string just Copy and Paste the replacement string text, Including the Brackets, where you would normally enter […]

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Creating Intelligent Agents


From the Manage Course drop-​​down menu, select Edit Course. Under the Communication section, select Intelligent Agents. Select New. Enter the Agent Name. Select the Checkbox next to Agent is enabled. NOTE: Agents must be enabled before they can be ran. Determine the Criteria and Settings the agent looks for: Take Action When the Following Login […]

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Intelligent Agents

Intelligent agents monitor an org unit to find activity that matches criteria that you set. The criteria that the agents search for are login activity, course activity, and release conditions in Learning Environment. Example uses for intelligent agents include: Emailing users with grades below a certain level. Checking for users that have not logged in […]

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