Sharing a Document


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  1. Select Meeting from the grey toolbar.
  2. Select the Name of the meeting you wish to use.
  3. Select Enter Meeting.
  4. Select the Downward-​Facing Triangle next to Share My Screen.
  5. Select Share Document.share2.png
  6. If you did not already upload files, select Browse My Computer.
  7. Navigate to the File you wish to share.NOTE: The only supported file types are PowerPoint, PDF, Flash, JPEG, or MP3.
  8. Select Ok.
  9. Use the upper toolbar to do the following:

    • Draw: This option allows you to draw on the document.
    • Pointer: This option allows you to place a green arrow on the document by clicking on a spot within the document.
    • Stop Sharing: This option stops sharing the document with other users.
    • Full Screen: This option will make the document full screen.
    • Additional Options: This option will bring up additional options for sharing your document.
  10. Use the lower toolbar to do the following:

    • Page Up/​Down Tools: These options allow you to go to the next/​previous page as well as to a specific page.
    • Zoom Tools: These options allow you to zoom in and out as well as to a specific percentage.
    • Rotation Tools: These options allow you to rotate clockwise and counter clockwise.
    • Fit Tools: These options allow you to fit to the width in the screen or the whole page.
    • Hand and Sync Tools: The hand tool allows you to grab the screen and drag through the document. The sync tool syncs the other users viewing the document to where you are.

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