Installing in a Course

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Once the Virtual Classroom (YouSeeU) is enabled in your course, you may set up the Virtual Classroom Launch in the Content area of a D2L course.

  1. Enter a D2L Course.
  2. From the Navigation Bar, select Content.
  3. Create a new module by entering a name in the Add a Module field.

    NOTE: It is recommended that the Virtual Classroom Module be set to draft status in order to hide it from students.

  4. Press Enter on your keyboard.
  5. In the new module, select Add Existing Activities, then select External Learning Tools.
  6. Select Virtual Classroom Launch to add Virtual Classroom (YouSeeU) to your course.
  7. Select the Do not ask me again for this application checkbox, then select Continue
  8. Select OK to accept the Virtual Classroom (YouSeeU) terms and open the Virtual Classroom Launch area.

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