Providing Alternative Text (ALT Tag) for Images

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When an image is inserted into the HTML Editor, using Insert Image, users will be promoted to provide alternative text. Alternative text, also known as an ALT tag, should provide a clear text alternative of the image for screen reader users.

    1. Navigate to the item (Dropbox, News, Discussion, etc.) containing the image.
    2. On the HTML Editor, select Insert Image.
      Location of Insert Image
    3. Select Upload, then locate and select the Image File to be uploaded.
    4. Select Add.
      Location of Upload Button
    5. On the Provide Alternative Text pop-​up, enter Alternative Text or select the Checkbox to indicate that the image is decorative.
      1. Enter Alternative Text to describe the image.
      2. If the image is decorative, select the Checkbox for This image is decorative.
      3. Select OK.
        Pop up showing Labels A, B, and C
    6. Select Save and Close.

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