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Learn more about Ally in D2L by viewing the overview video of Ally in D2L
Visit the Ally in D2L section of the Instructor Resource Site for more info.
Note: Data provided by initial Ally reports indicate that the largest area of concern for course files in D2L courses are PDF files.
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of this newsletter for more information!

Instructor-focused information on D2L.


New! Making PDFs
Accessible in D2L

Instructors are encouraged to follow the Reduce, Replace, Remediate motto in regards to making PDFs in D2L courses accessible. Learn more about how to:

  • Reduce the use of PDF files by using other file formats, such as Word Docs or HTML.
  • Replace PDF files that are old, scanned, or printed with a higher quality, more recent version of the PDF.
  • Remediate PDF files if there is no way to avoid PDF usage.
Download Making PDFs Accessible in D2L »

Student-focused information on D2L.


Linking a Google Apps
account to D2L

LCC students can link their college Google Apps account to D2L. Learn more about using Google Apps in D2L by watching this week's video.
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Important News for Internet Explorer »

In January 2020 the browser, Internet Explorer will no longer work with D2L.

D2L recommends using any of the below browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

For assistance regarding supported browsers, please contact the eLearning Department at (517) 483-1839.

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