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About Awards (Badges)

  • The Awards tool can be used to create badges to reflect the achievement of different milestones within your course.
  • Instructors can design badges and link them to release conditions to allow for automatic awarding, or instructors can manually grant badges.
  • To use the Awards tool, instructors will need to add the Awards widget or Navbar  link to their course homepage. For directions on how to add a widget to the course home page, click here.
  • The Awards tool enables Instructors to provide merit based badges to students.
  • Badges do not contribute to achieving a passing grade.


Why use the Awards tool?

  • Reward students with badges immediately after they have completed an activity or assignment.
  • Build an element of gamification into your course and better engage students.
  • Provide a consolidation/​ celebration piece to the completion of an assignment or activity.
  • Track student progress and development.
  • Build a hands-​off method of instant feedback.

How does the Awards tool impact students?

  • Students can access their badges through My Awards located within the Awards widget or Navbar on the course home page.
  • Students will receive a pop-​up notification identifying badges they have earned.
  • Students can view the badges they have already earned, as well as those that they have yet to earn.
  • Students can share earned badges to their profile.

    Important Note: If you do not add the Awards link to the course navbar or the widget to the course home page, students will not be able to access their badges. Click here for instructions on how to add student access to the home page.



Awards Tool 

  1. Classlist Awards- List of students in your class and the badges that they have earned. Note: If a student has not been awarded any badges, you will see This user has no awards”.
  2. Course Awards- All badges available to earn within the course. Also, instructors can create a new badge within the Course Awards tab.
  3. My Awards- List of badges a student has earned. Note: Students can view the badges they have earned for the current course, or they can select to view all badges earned in all D2L courses.
  4. View Available Awards- (Badge Library) The Badge Library lists badges created by all users. Instructors can select to use a badge created by another user; however, the badge cannot be edited. Only the badge owner can edit a badge. Please note that if the badge owner edits a badge they created, the edits will change in any course using the badge.


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