HTML Document Templates

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Introduction to D2L Document Templates The D2L Document Templates were designed by D2L to make it easier for Instructors to create accessible, professional looking HTML content topic pages. There are currently ten templates to select from, allowing Instructors to create clean looking content topic pages from a variety of page layouts, including two-column, image, and […]

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Starting a Chat

1. Select the Meeting Participants icon. 2. Choose the type of chat you would like to start: Public Chat or Private Participant Chat. Public Chat allows the presenter to chat with all participants. Select Public Chat. Type your message in the Message Public Chat text field. Select Enter on the keyboard to send. Private Participant […]

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Navigating a Document or Presentation

Use the Document/Presentation Controls to move through a document or presentation. Select the left and right arrows to move to the previous or next document page or presentation slide. Select a slide from the menu to move to a specific document page or presentation slide. Zooming In/Out a Document or Presentation 1. Select Enable Drawing. […]

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Audio Setup

Upon entering a meeting, you will be presented with an option for “How would you like to join the audio?” Select Audio to enter the Audio Setup Wizard, or select Listen Only to skip this step. Choose your audio settings: Select a source from the Microphone Source drop-down menu. Select a source from the Speaker […]

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Desktop Sharing

Important Note: Chrome is the recommended browser for desktop sharing. From within a meeting room: Select the Share Desktop icon. The first time only when using Chrome for desktop sharing: install the Chrome extension for desktop sharing. Select Yes and follow the prompts. After the Chrome Extension installation is complete, reload the page by selecting […]

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Entering a Meeting

Prior to entering a meeting, please review the following tips from YouSeeU: Use a laptop or desktop computer. Tablets and mobile devices do not support all Virtual Classroom features. Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent voice echo. Chrome is the recommended browser for desktop sharing. The Enter Meeting Room button will activate when it’s […]

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File Sharing in a Meeting

Once in a meeting, presenters are able to upload files to the meeting room for participants to download. From within a meeting room: Expand the Participants List. Select Public Chat. Select Upload File. Browse your computer to select a file, then select Open. Select the download link for the file in the Chat Pod.

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Installing in a Course

Enter a D2L Course. From the Navigation Bar, select Content. Create a new module by entering a name (ie. Virtual Classroom) in the Add a Module field. Press Enter on your keyboard. In the new module, select the Existing Activities drop-down menu, then select External Learning Tools. Select Virtual Classroom Launch. Select the checkbox for […]

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Meeting Room Layout

Meeting Participants: Identifies the participants in the meeting room. Also provides a public chat area that is accessible to all participants. Shared Videos: Display webcams that are broadcasting in the meeting. Start/Stop Recording: Record a meeting by selecting the record button, select it again to stop recording. The record button will turn red when recording. Settings […]

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Options for Scheduled Meetings

Once a meeting is scheduled, Instructors may access the following options within the Active Meetings section. Launch: Open the Meeting Lobby Page. This page contains the External Participants Link if the option was selected when scheduling the meeting. Open meeting invites settings: Select specific meeting participants from the class list. NOTE: This option is only […]

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Setting Up a Meeting

To Schedule a Virtual Classroom (YouSeeU) Meeting: Enter a D2L Course. From the Navigation Bar, select Content. Enter the module containing the Virtual Classroom Launch, then select the Virtual Classroom Launch link. Select the Plus Sign. Enter a Meeting Title. Select the meeting Start Date & Time. TIP: Schedule meetings to start 5 – 10 […]

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Uploading a Presentation

From within a meeting room: From the Actions Menu, select Upload a presentation. Select Click here (or drop file) for uploading. Browse your computer to select a file, then select Open. Note: Only one file can be uploaded at a time. However, multiple files can be uploaded into the Add files area. Depending on the […]

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