Configure a Respondus Server Profile

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1. From within Respondus, select the Retrieval tab.

2. Select on Retrieve Questions.

3. Choose add new server from the Desire2Learn Server drop-down menu; select Next.

4. Select Yes, check for preconfigured server settings and select Next.

5. Enter a name to describe the Desire2Learn server type

6. Check the box for Save my User Name and Password.

7. Select Next.

8. Enter your Username and password when the LCC authentication window appears.

9. Select Login.

10. Select Next on the Preconfigured Sever Settings Wizard.

11. Select Finish.

12. Select LCC (PSS) from the Desire2Learn Server drop-down menu and select Next.

13. The retrieve question wizard should appear. To import a quiz please see Importing Exams from D2L to Respondus.