Creating Modules


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To Create a New Module:

  1. Select the Content link from the Navigation Bar.
  2. In Content, select the Add a Module area of the content workspace.
  3. Enter a Name for the module.
    BEST PRACTICE: Instructors should make sure that Module and Topic titles are clearly labeled and easily identifiable.
  4. Press the Enter Key on your keyboard. The module will be created and listed in the Table of Contents.
    BEST PRACTICE: Create a Start Here Module as the first module in a course to house key course items, such as the syllabus, course schedule, and other critical items that students should be aware of when starting a course.


To Create a New Sub-​Module:

  1. From within Content, select an existing Module from the Table of Contents.
  2. In the opened module, select the Add a Sub-​Module area below the original module.
  3. Enter a Name for the sub-​module.
  4. Press the Enter Key on your keyboard. The sub-​module will appear within the original module and have its own drop zone for adding content. The sub-​module will also appear in the Table of Contents.

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