Using Drag-​and-​Drop


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Adding Content Using Drag and Drop

  1. Select Content.
    Course Nav Bar with Content selected
  2. Select the Module that you wish to add files to.
    List of example modules in a course
  3. From your desktop, locate the File that you wish add to the module.

    NOTE: You are able to drag and drop files but not folders. If you wish to drag and drop an entire folder, select each file (multiple files can be selected at one time) or create a zip file to drag and drop into D2L.

  4. Arrange your desktop to display both the file(s) and D2L.
  5. Left Click on the file with your mouse and continue to Hold the mouse button. Drag the file to the drop zone in D2L and Release the mouse button. This will upload the file as a topic within the module.

Users can drag and drop content files from their computer into D2L modules.

NOTE: If there is already content within the module, the drop zone will disappear. Instructors can still drag and drop content directly in line with the existing content without use of the drop zone.
During the drag and drop process, a line will appear in the spot in which the item will appear

Reordering and Moving Content Using Drag and Drop

  1. Reordering: Content Topics and Modules can be reordered by dragging an item up or down until it is in the desired location. Left click and hold the drag handle (three horizontal lines). Drag the item up or down until you’ve reached the desired location. Release the drag handle.
    The handles can be used to move the item up or down to the desired location within the module.
  2. Moving: Content Topics and Modules can be moved from one module to another by dragging an item to the desired location. Within the open module, left click and hold the drag handle (three horizontal lines). Drag the item to another module in the Table of Contents. Release the drag handle. Items within a module can be moved to another module by dragging and dropping the item into the desired module.

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