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Note: Follow these steps to copy individual items from a course. To copy the entire course, view the Course Copy page.

Important Note Regarding Duplication:

  • Components or tools (i.e. quizzes, dropboxes, etc) that are copied multiple times will create duplicates. For example, if a course contains 5 quizzes and a course with 3 quizzes is copied into it, the course will contain 8 quizzes.
  • The only component that might be overwritten is Course Files. A course file is overwritten if one of the files being copied has the same name as an existing file. No other components are overwritten.

Step-​by-​Step Component Copy Instructions

    1. From the My Courses menu, select the Course you wish to copy content into.
    2. Select the Gear Icon from the Mini Bar.
    3. Select Import/​Export/​Copy Components.
    4. Select Copy Components from Another Org Unit.
    5. Select Search for Offering.
    6. Search for the course to copy content from by selecting the Magnifying Glass Search Icon.
      Search Box for copy.import.export.png
    7. Select the Radio Button next to the course you want to copy.
      Select Course.png
    8. Select Add Selected.
      Add Selected Copy Import Export.png
    9. To individually select components to copy, select Select Components.
      Select focus.png
    10. Scroll through the component list and select the Checkbox next to the items you wish to copy.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The default for each category is set to Copy all items (ie. all quizzes, all content). If you wish to select individual items, see the next step below.

Also, if you select Content you must select the checkbox to Include associated files. If you do not, the Content component will not copy correctly.

Select components to copy.png

    1. To select specific items in your course (ie. Week 1 folder, Quiz 1, Dropbox A, etc.) select the radio button- Select individual items to copy under the corresponding category or categories.Item copy all vs select.png
    2. Select Continue.
    3. Use the Expand (+) & Collapse (-) features to drill down to the specific item(s) you wish to copy to the course. Select the checkbox for each item you wish to copy.
      Drill down menu.png
    4. Once you have made your selections, select Continue.
    5. Select Finish.
    6. Wait for the copy to complete. During the copy process, components may copy out of list order.



  1. Select View Content to confirm the copy was completed correctly.copy-viewcontent

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