Instructional Designers

The eLearning Instructional Designers are available to consult with Instructors and departments on best practices for D2L use, develop instructional materials for face-to-face, hybrid, and/or online courses, assist with making D2L courses and materials accessible, as well as utilize technologies and/or multimedia for instruction.

D2L Academic Office Hours for Instructors

The eLearning Instructional Designers are available to assist Instructors with using D2L for courses this summer in the eLearning office. Instructors are encouraged to drop-in or make an appointment that is convenient to their schedule.

Visit the eLearning Department this summer!

Monday – Friday:
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
TLC 123

Drop-In Assistance for Students

Students are invited to stop by the eLearning Department, TLC 427, during business hours for assistance using D2L. Students can receive D2L assistance for course tasks including how to login and access a course(s), taking a quiz, submitting an assignment, participating in a discussion, and much more!

What can Instructional Designers assist with?

    eLearning Instructional Designers can assist Instructors with:
  • Designing and developing a D2L course(s) and supporting materials
    • Gradebook development
    • Assessment development, including Quizzes, Discussions and Assignments
    • Organization of course content
    • Application and integration of D2L tools and technologies
  • Creating multimedia using Kaltura
  • Assisting with making course materials accessible
  • Utilizing integrated applications within D2L
    eLearning Instructional Designers can assist Students with:
  • Accessing and using D2L
    • Logging in and navigating a D2L course(s)
    • Taking a quiz
    • Submitting an assignment
    • Participating in a discussion
  • Creating multimedia using Kaltura
  • Utilizing integrated applications within D2L
  • Developing strategies for being successful in a D2L course

To schedule a one-on-one appointment please complete the Instructional Designer request form to schedule a time.