Creating an Attendance Register


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  1. Select Attendance from the Course Progress drop-​down menu on the navigation bar.
  2. Select New Register.
  3. Enter the Name of the register.
  4. Select an Attendance Scheme from the drop-​down menu.
  5. Enter a Percentage for the Cause of Concern level.
    NOTE: When a student’s attendance level drops below the set percentage, a cause for concern icon will appear next to the students name in the register.
  6. Select the Radio Button for the Users that are included in the register.
    NOTE: You can choose to have the register apply to all users, only users in a section, or only users in a specific group.
  7. Enter a Name for each Session.
    NOTE: This can be assignments such as mandatory chat sessions or course meeting dates for face-​to-​face courses.
  8. To add more sessions to the register, enter a Number for the amount of additional sessions that you wish to add, and then select Add Sessions.
    NOTE: You must save the register before adding additional statuses.
  9. Select  Save.


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