D2L Assignment Grader App: Assessing Assignment Submissions

  1. Use the tabs at the top to view by Course, End Date, or Ungraded. Location of navigation tabs at top to select view.
  2. Select the Assignment Folder. Select your desired Assignment Folder.
  3. Select the Student that you would like to assess. NOTE: The submission will open the first submitted file with additional files stacked on the left hand side of the screen. Select any stacked file to display and review it. Select the appropriate student.
  4. Use the Markup Tools on the right side of the screen to provide student feedback.
  5. Select the slide-out menu on the right side of the screen to enter the Score, access associated Rubrics, and add Written or Recorded Feedback. NOTE: Recorded feedback will use the tablets built in microphone and/or camera(s). Screenshot of the selected student assignment to be graded.
  6. For each graded submission, select Publish to send the score and feedback back to the Assignment folder and gradebook. Publish button highlighted.
  7. Use the Forward and Backward Arrows at the top of the screen to view and assess the next submissions as needed.