Course Home Page

The Course Home page is the first page when entering a course and consists of a navigation bar that provides access to course information and resources through links, menus, and widgets.

  • Course Navigation Bar: Provides access to links and menus including Content, Grades, Assessments Menu, Communication Menu, Course Help Menu, Course Progress Menu, and Manage Course Menu.
  • Course Home Page Widgets: Provides access to Announcements, Concourse Syllabus System, Content Browser, Updates, Calendar, Library, and Course Quota.

Course Home Navigation Bar

  1. Content: Provides an area to add course content (assignments, quizzes, readings, articles, etc.) in organized folders.
  2. Grades: Provides access to the course grade book to enter assignment grades and feedback.
  3. Assessments: Provides access to assessment tools (see table below).
  4. Communication: Provides access to communication tools (see table below).
  5. Course Help: Provides access to course help resources (see table below).
  6. Course Progress: Provides access to course progress tools (see table below).
  7. Manage Course: Provides access to course management tools (see table below).
Assessments Menu Communication Menu Course Help Menu Course Progress Menu Manage Course Menu
Assignments Announcements Assignments Help Attendance Course Admin
Discussions Chat Discussion Help Checklist Course Builder
Quizzes Classlist Grades Help Class Engagement LOR
Rubrics Discussions Quiz Help Class Progress Manage Files
Self Assessments Email More Help
Surveys FAQ

Note: The images below present the view of a default Course Home page.

On a Desktop or Laptop
Default Nav Bar on the Course Home Page.
On a Mobile Device

NOTE: The Course Home links and menus can be accessed from the Mobile Menu.

On a mobile device, the Course Nav Bar can be accessed via the Mobile Menu.

Course Home Widgets

  1. Announcements: Displays course announcements posted by the instructor.
  2. Calendar: Displays a mini-calendar with a list of upcoming events created by the instructor.
  3. Library: Provides access to LCC Library Resources and Ask a Librarian.
  4. Concourse Syllabus System: Provides access to the course syllabus.
  5. Content Browser: Provides access to browse course content, view recently visited topics, and view bookmarked topics.
  6. Updates: Displays updates that have occurred in the course, including unread discussion posts and new emails.
  7. Course Quota: Displays the current course quota usage percentage. Each course is allotted 500 MB of usage space. Default widgets on the Course Home Page.