Editing Alternative Text (Alt Text) for Images (Advanced)

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HTML Source Code Method

IMPORTANT! In order to edit the alt text of an image using the HTML source code method, please proceed with caution. When accessing the HTML source code, it is heavily advised to ONLY edit the alt text, using care to maintain all opening and closing ” marks. Editing anything else can cause errors within the HTML source code and impact the visual display of the page.

  1. Navigate to the item (Assignment Folder, Announcement, Discussion, etc.) containing the image.
  2. Select to Edit the item.
  3. From the HTML Editor, select the HTML Source Editor icon.
    Location of the HTML Source Editor
  4. In the source code, locate the Alternative Text and Title.

    NOTE: In the source code, the alternative text begins with alt =”, while the title begins with title =”.

    1. Update the Alternative Text (within the quotation marks) as desired.
    2. Update the Title to match the alternative text from A.

    NOTE: The Alternative Text will be read by screen readers, while the title appears when a user hovers a mouse over the image.

    Screenshot indicating Step A and Step B

  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Save and Close or Update.

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